Speaker update

Welp, it kinda sounds like crap. Turns out there’s a reason you pay Bose the big bucks.
I printed with 3 shells and 15% infill, else it would have used over half a 1kg spool of PLA filament per box.

It sounds… tube-y. Go figure. Stuffing polyfill in the first and last bends of the pipe helps a lot with the resonance, but it still lacks punch. Sticking my hand over the port fixes it, so that at least tells me I’ve got good effective volume. I could just seal the hole in the next model and be done, or… Continue reading

“Small” speaker build

I’ve had a pair of these 3″ Tang Band drivers that I got from a Parts-Express buyout that have been sitting idle far too long, so I decided it was time to build a box for them.
I envisionsed a somewhat portable speaker bar setup, but after doing some calculations with various speaker box design suites it turned out that optimal ported box sizes for these little speakers are a bit too large.
Like, over two feet long, and 7 inches deep. TV speaker bar territory here, and a bit larger than my Replicator 2 could work with.
So I… Continue reading

Retroarch quick glsl shader recompile

Playing with RetroPie/Retroarch on the Raspberry Pi 2, I found the glsl shader selection to be lacking somewhat, especially in the retro visual department.
Specifically I wanted to play with the ntsc and crt filters from the main Retroarch common-shader tree, but they’re all Cg shaders.
The NTSC shader chains tend to fail, don’t really know why. crt-caligari.glsl works a treat.
So here it is, the common-shaders tree from the libretro git on 10/3/2015. Do with it what you will, I take no responsibility for it blowing up your Pi/Pi2.

Here are the ones that explicitly failed to recompile:… Continue reading

One-gallon recipe for Alexander’s wine grape concentrates

Normally the cans of grape concentrate sold by Alexander & Sons/California Concentrate Company are meant to be sold in pairs, as the default recipe is for a 5-gallon batch, and requires 2 46fl.oz. cans.

I’m not up for 5gallon batches yet (no room), so here we are with the recipe numbers converted and usable for smaller batches.
These will be calculated out per gallon of finished wine. Each can has enough for 2 1gallon batches, with some concentrate left over for backsweetening if you desire.

One-gallon batch:
Alexander’s(tm) Concentrate – 2.3 cups
Cold water – 2.3 “cans” (13.225 cups, or… Continue reading

Experiments with SteamOS

Valve has released SteamOS into the wild, and invited us to play.
And so I have, well outside the recommended parameters of their system requirements… because where’s the fun otherwise?
For reference: http://store.steampowered.com/steamos/buildyourown

My SteamOS test machine is an old Intel Core2Duo-based Mac Mini with an nVidia Geforce 9400 GPU. Not really a beefy gaming box, but adequate for simple games and playing videos with hardware acclerated decoding.
I started with the custom installer from the link above, and the install went surprisingly smoothly following their directions – until it came time for the recovery partition steps. Those flat out… Continue reading

New batches!

Trying my hand at brewing from a raw cider again, putting the last year of learning and experience to test.
The first batch is sitting there in secondary now, the second is in primary (in the tub in case of spillover)
The green bottles are the product of my last wine batch. Not amazing, but drinkable.


My little brewing corner

Hopefully the cider will turn out well. I’m going for a Crispin BareNaked feel with the unfiltered cider. As always, time will tell.

Come down to the arcade!


I haven’t built it yet, but the basic design is complete.
It’s based around a spare Dell 17″ LCD, and a miniITX board I aqcuired.
The speakers are 2 small Tang-Band drivers, more than enough oomph.

If anyone decides to build it, send me pics!

Shapcano’s Shadowrun Fiction Mirror

About 5-6 years ago, I was poking around the internet, looking for information on this cyberpunk RPG I’d heard about called Shadowrun.

This led me to a simple little corner of the Shadowrun Webring, a page run by a chummer known as shapcano. He wrote a series of fantastic short stories, and a few short novels that really brought the world of Shadowrun alive to me.

Thanks to him and his stories, I was approached by a group looking for Shadowrun RPG players, and although I’d never played a pen-and-paper RPG before, I loved Shadowrun so much that I jumped… Continue reading